Please Join Us...

Stories of Creation

Friday, August 24, 2007
Olive Creek Lake

Meet us at Area 2 at the lake anytime starting at 4:30 pm
for an opportunity to paddle around before dark.
Canoes and kayak available to share.

At dark, the fire will be ignited
and we will invoke the tradition of the Talking Stick.
Each person is invited to share a story of something they created--

(a baby, a nurturing community,
a system that benefits others,
a poem, a work of art, a song, a new business,
an invention, an alternative lifestyle,
or something that hasn't occurred to us)

We welcome both the listener and the storyteller.

Listeners should be prepared
to ask questions
and share their internal response
to what they have heard.

Those who contemplate telling a story
might consider these aspects:

where did the idea come from?

how long did it incubate?

who or what influenced your thinking
as your idea developed?

did you keep the idea to yourself
or was it shared with many?

what was the tipping point
at which your thinking became action?

was the opinion of others a consideration?

did this creation have lasting impact on you?

Items to bring along:
You can show up empty-handed
and be absolutely welcome.
Things you might consider include
a canoe, a kayak,
a camp chair, insect repellant,
sunscreen, snacks, firewood,
flashlight, nonalcoholic beverages,
food to share with others during an evening meal.

Questions ahead of time?
Email Duke at
(Because he is off having an adventure,
he will not reply until the evening
of August 22nd. If it can't wait, email Kelly

Want to caravan or catch a ride
with Duke and Kelly?
Meet in the Indian Village parking lot
at 13th and Arapahoe at 3:30 pm.

Otherwise, feel free to arrive at any time
throughout the evening.
You will need a state park permit
on your vehicle. Get info here.
Although Duke and Kelly
are not camping over night,
there is camping available
for those who wish to stay.

If you get lost and all else fails,
stop at the bar in Kramer
and ask for directions.